Naturally flavored with fruits and berries. Scientifically formulated. Premium quality ingredients. Alcohol, Gluten & Lactose free

Naturally sourced vitamins, antioxidants and organic (plant based) minerals. Vege-caps free of all nasty chemical binders. For greater absorption and better results.

Scientifically formulated using the latest research. Multi 10 strain formulas with added Prebiotic. Human genus, acid and bile resistant strains. Freeze dried for better stability. No need to refrigerate.

Premium quality, high concentration, Fish Oil and Krill Oil products in both liquid and capsule form. Molecular distilled for guaranteed quality. Sustainably harvested. Friends of the sea certified.

Extinction is not an option. For every Healthy Essentials product purchased, 50 cents is donated to Devil Ark to help them in their work to save the Tasmanian Devil.